About Us

In 1958 Cork and Barb Randall introduced Sunset Memorials to the Meadville area.  Now, daughter LuAnn Jackson and husband Daniel Jackson reflect on how much their family-owned business has developed and flourished.

Located in Cochranton at 23032 Highway 322, Sunset Memorials has by far the largest display of high-quality granite memorials in the surrounding area.  In fact, Sunset Memorials has about 350 units available on site for customers to select from. Daniel and LuAnn, the compassionate owners of Sunset Memorials strive to take the grief individuals have when they walk through the door and transform that grief into pride by way of an irreplacable memorial.

Undoubtedly, the most treasured feature of the business is their ability to personalize each memorial by way of a custom design. With a significant variety of impressive shapes, colors and sizes, individuals are able to select and customize the memorial of their choice.  Computer graphics make it easy to choose a design that reflects religion, career, hobby or favorites like flowers and animals.  Scriptures, poems and epitaphs are often added.  Families are encouraged to include marriage dates and childrens names.  Another unique aspect offered is a memorial photograph, which can be done in full color ceramic, or by way of careful etching directly onto the granite.

 With work that is nothing but the best quality, Sunset Memorials truly focuses on producing a memorial that is very personal and special.  Other services and products Sunset Memorials has to offer include yard stones, vases and eternal lights, mausoleums, and professional cleaning and repair of the memorials.

Throughout the past fifty years, Sunset Memorials has made many changes and improvements.  When the business first opened in August of 1958, all of the work was done tediously by hand.  Now, the work is computerized which allows the business to present more options of memorial designs to customers, causing the business to improve and grow even more.  With their own workshop, design artist, and carving, Sunet Memorials has the capability to go above and beyond the requests of their customers, and produce especially personal memorials of the highest quality.